Can You Fax From a Wireless Printer

n the last few years, We have seen various improvements in business communications. However, fax is something that has dominated the business communication market for a long time. If your business depends on fax, then you must be looking for some advanced ways to use it.

With the introduction of wireless printers, users are confused about whether they can use them to send a fax or not. This article covers everything you need to know about sending faxes from a wireless printer. 

Before you go ahead, let us tell you something. There is a technology that allows you to send a fax without a landline connection. You can use the same technology to send and receive fax remotely.

Does Every Printer Support Fax?

Every printer comes with different features. Hence, it does not depend on whether the printer is wired or wireless. It depends on the capabilities of your printer, whether it can send or receive the fax document.

The best way to find out about your wireless printing capabilities is to check its user manual. If it has a port to connect landline wire, then it must support the fax feature.

Some wireless printers act as a fax machine by connecting them with a landline. Hence, it is much easier to use those printers for sharing fax.

fter verifying your printer capabilities you can use it to send a fax to any number. Follow these steps to send a document with a printer with fax capability:

Put the paper on the scanner part of your printer. It will read the document and prepare it for sending to the recipient.
Choose the Fax option and enter the recipient’s fax number. You can verify the fax number from the person receiving the fax.
Click on the “Send Fax” option after verifying the fax number and document.
Receiving Fax From a Wireless Printer
You can also receive the fax documents with your wireless printer. You can install the fax drivers on your printer to set up your fax details. After installing the drivers, you can enter your Fax number and complete your installation.

Alternate Method To Receive Fax Without Printer or Fax Machine

The fax is not limited to the printer and fax machines now. You can send and receive your fax through online fax services without using any equipment. There are platforms like CocoFax that offers to send and receive fax without a fax machine. 

Using these platforms is so convenient that people prefer online fax services instead of getting a fax machine. If you are also looking for an alternative to your fax machine, then you will love this method.

CocoFax is one of the leading online fax services. It has introduced a way to send a fax from email directly to the fax machine of the receiver. Hence, you no longer need to be around the fax machine to send and receive your important documents.

CocoFax is equipped with some of the most advanced faxing features. Some of them are:

Free Fax Number: You can get a free fax number by registering for an account on this platform. It means that you do not need to own a fax machine to use this platform. Your new fax number can be used through any online fax service or through a fax machine itself. It acts as an authentic fax number to carry out your business activities.

Email To Fax: You can easily send paper email to a fax machine with this platform. Similarly, anyone can send a fax through the machine, and will be received on your account. Additionally, you can configure your CocoFax account to save the incoming fax right into your google drive.

 Easy Access: You can log in to your account from any web browser to access your fax documents. Additionally, you can use their application to stay updated with all the incoming faxes. The application can be downloaded from the marketplace of your smartphone.

 Powerful Extensions: There are many extensions like Word integration, a chrome extension that makes it much more reliable. With these extensions, you can directly send a document while working on it.

Delivery Tracking: You can track the delivery of your fax to know whether the person has received the paper. It will also send a delivery report to your email address for easy access.

Blacklist: you can blacklist some fax numbers to avoid getting any spam fax from them. This feature works great when your fax is in the public domain, and you receive multiple spams from the same number.

Final Words

Sending a fax from a wireless printer can be a little challenging. After all, you will still need a fax machine or landline connection to do it. In this case, using an online fax service seems more reasonable. It does not require additional equipment to send and receive your fax papers.

The best part is the 30-day money-back guarantee that allows you to try this application. It will help you send unlimited faxes without sitting around your fax machine. You can visit their website to get more details of the services.


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